Michael John Trotta ‘Reading Session’ Hosted by Bert Fox at Lufkin Middle School, Raleigh, NC 4/9/18

Michael John Trotta ‘Reading Session’ Hosted by Bert Fox at Lufkin Middle School, Raleigh, NC 4/9/18


Come join Dr. Michael John Trotta and Bert Fox for a Junior High and High School Choir Directors’ In Service Day Reading Session on Monday, April 9, 2018, from 3:45-5:00 pm at Lufkin Road Middle School.  This event is free for all school district faculty and everyone who would like to attend!  Come have a good time and enjoy learning from Michael and Bert.  As a special benefit of attending the reading session, all participants are eligible to receive a 15% participant discount from SheetMusicDeals.com on the music presented.

The Lufkin School Reading Session will include the following scores that have been selected specifically for Wade County Public School’s choral curriculum.  The music contains a range of styles, publishers and genres, including works offered by BriLee/Carl Fischer, Hal Leonard and Chorister’s Guild.  Dr. Trotta will give special attention to working with young male voices by leveraging the materials that were designed and edited by Greg Gilpin specifically for the purpose.  Dr. Trotta also will suggest growth strategies for choirs through his repertoire selection that builds strength, independence, reading ability and intonation for all adolescent and young adult voice ranges.

Bert Fox is Choir Director at Lufkin Middle School and is a thought leader in working with emerging choirs, developing choirs and young adult voices within the Wade County School system.  He routinely leads workshops to present to Wade County educators new literature designed for their needs.

Michael John Trotta is an internationally recognized composer, conductor, and music educator with award-winning commissions.  His compositions are frequently performed both by professional and community choirs and are regular features on North Carolina School District choral performances.  In February, Dr. Trotta announced his new series at the Texas Music Educators Association that will published by Carl Fischer under Denise Eaton and within the BriLee program.  Dr. Trotta will discuss highlights of the series at the Raleigh Reading Session.

All participants are eligible to receive a 15% discount on the music presented at the reading session.  In addition to a convenient checklist available at the Reading Session, participants are also welcome to purchase their music online from www.SheetMusicDeals.com with a special discount/promotional code that will be given at the Reading Session.  Enter the code at check-out.  You are also welcome to contact Maryann Beebe for any additional assistance or inquires: Maryann@SheetMusicDeals.com or Call 1-888-407-3693

Mr. Bert Fox and Dr. Michael John Trotta hope to see you at this Reading Session!

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Chorister’s Guild

Shawnee (Hal Leonard)

Shawnee (Hal Leonard Collection)


Carl Fischer